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Social Purpose

We are a not-for-profit organisation.
We specialise in

Procuring and Consulting on Social Housing Surety Bonds

We provide expert advice for Housing Associations, Employer Agents and Contractors.
We contribute to

A Better Society

100% of all surplus generated is shared equally. 50% to charitable causes and 50% re-investment to support the Social Housing Industry.

Welcome to The Housing Bond Alliance (HBA)

The Housing Bond Alliance (HBA) is a non-for-profit performance bond advisory assisting Housing Associations and their supply chain throughout the United Kingdom.

Our Social Housing Bond Officers

Our dedicated Social Housing Bond Officers provide essential ongoing support, guidance, and training to Housing Associations, Employer Agents and Main Contractors to ensure all projects and parties are safeguarded.

Protecting Housing Associations

Historically, Social Housing Providers have lacked the vital support and guidance required to protect their commercial interests. Find out more about how we collaborate with and assist Housing Associations in all areas.

Working in Partnership with Employer Agents

We empower Employer Agents by offering crucial support, guidance, and training in Surety Bonds, ensuring the sufficient protection of Housing Associations.

Delivering Unrivalled Bond Solutions to Main Contractors

Our registered brokers enable access to exclusive underwriters and incentivised bonds for Main Contractors, House Builders and Housing Associations.

Partner with us...

Although our services can be engaged by non members, learn more about joining the HBC Membership Scheme

Partner with us...

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Housing Association Membership

Our mission is to safeguard Housing Associations and guarantee the financial security of your developments. A proactive approach is always best. We collaborate with Social Housing Providers to continuously monitor project performance, ensuring that the necessary surety coverage is continuously maintained.

Employer Agent Membership

We provide essential support, guidance, advice and training in Surety Bonds to empower Employer Agents so they can safeguard Housing Associations and support Contractors during the procurement process. We also offer an introducer commission scheme for all Associate Members.

Contractor Membership

At The Housing Bond Company, our focus lies in expertly procuring and advising on Performance Bonds for the Social Housing Sector. We rely on our technical acumen, and exclusive underwriting partnerships to deliver unrivalled solutions to a diverse range of Contractors nationwide. Our underwriting team have experience working with some of the largest international brokerages and underwriters in the world.

Charitable Foundation

As part of our Social Corporate Responsibility, we regularly donate to the following causes:
The scarcity of affordable housing in the UK is causing the housing crisis to escalate. A growing number of people are facing difficulties in finding temporary accommodations, and some are even compelled to live on the streets”. Donate today to help end the housing emergency crisis.
The Grenfell Foundation
The Grenfell Foundation provide independent support and advocacy for the former residents of Grenfell Tower and the Bereaved families and dependents. You can donate to, or fundraise for the Foundation via JustGiving.

Our Associated Companies have procured bonds, or provided advice, on projects led by the following Housing Associations:


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02 OCT 2023  Michael J Lonsdale, one of the UK’s largest M&E contractors, has appointed administrators. The company, which has offices in London and Langley, Berkshire, was founded in 1986 and turned over more than £2.9bn in almost 40 years of trading, working on major project such as the 51-storey 8 Bishopsgate tower and the…


Buckingham Group stops trading and tries to sell business

Buckingham Group Contracting has confirmed it has ceased trading and is looking to sell parts of the business “in a very short period”. The Enquirer revealed on Thursday morning that the firm had filed a notice on intention to appoint an administrator. In an update Buckingham said: “It is with immeasurable regret that the Buckingham Board has…


Henry collapse drops bomb in bonding market

The collapse of Henry Construction has triggered a serious bonding crunch for contractors. Some bond providers are warning firms will now find it much more difficult and costly to raise bonds as a result of the fallout. Surety capacity is being constrained as providers seek to manage risk, and brokers now warn that contractors with…


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